3 yoga poses to improve polycystic ovary syndrome

According to medical experts, some relaxing yoga exercises can help regulate endocrine glands. Therefore, this subject will help reduce the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome. Let’s learn about yoga exercises for people with polycystic ovary syndrome with easyhealthylive.com.

Yoga is one of the methods that medical experts encourage patients to practice to help improve their health. Yoga exercises have the ability to regulate endocrine glands. These are the best yoga poses for people with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Causes of polycystic ovary syndrome

There are several causes of polycystic ovary syndrome:

  • Excess insulin: This is a hormone produced in the pancreas that allows cells to use sugar, the body’s main source of energy. If the insulin dose in the body is increased, this will stimulate the production of androgens, which can lead to difficulty ovulating.
  • Heredity: This syndrome can be passed down through genes if you have a family member with the syndrome.
  • Excess androgens: The ovaries produce abnormally high levels of androgens, leading to hirsutism and acne.


People with polycystic ovary syndrome often have anxiety and symptoms such as weight gain. However, when encountering these symptoms, many people often take it lightly and do not pay too much attention to it.

These can all be symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – a hormonal imbalance or ovarian dysfunction. If you experience these symptoms along with hair growth, hair growth more than usual, the more likely you have polycystic ovary syndrome.

Good yoga posture for people with polycystic ovary

1. Butterfly Pose

Butterfly pose is very simple and helps open the hips. It is also an exercise that helps to stretch the thighs, reducing stress.

Butterfly pose


  • Start in a sitting position with your back straight, legs straight and parallel, and hands resting on your knees.
  • Bend both knees but relax knees to the sides, opening hips. With the soles of your feet facing each other, try to pull your heels as close to your groin as possible with your hands.
  • Adjust the position so that you feel most comfortable. You can use your elbows resting gently on your thighs to deepen the bend but keep your back straight.
  • Hold the pose for 20 to 30 seconds.

2. Cobra Pose

Cobra pose has the effect of reducing anxiety and stress in addition to improving blood circulation, including blood flow to the reproductive organs, so it is very good for people with polycystic ovary syndrome.

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Cobra pose


  • Lie on your stomach on the mat with your legs extended and your arms down towards your body.
  • Slowly move your hands up to shoulder height, resting your palms on the floor
  • Then lift your body up with support from 2 arms. Slowly take a deep breath.
  • Tilt your neck back so that it resembles a cobra pose. Shoulder expansion.
  • Squeeze your abs, thighs, and feet to the floor
  • Note to hold the pose for 15 to 30 seconds. Then return to the original position.
  • Relax your body and repeat the movement 3 to 5 times.

3. Fixed supine position helps people with polycystic ovaries

This pose is similar to the shape of a butterfly, but is done lying down. In this position, you will feel extremely relaxed and also stimulate the abdominal organs.

Fixed supine position


  • Start in a sitting position with your back straight, legs straight and parallel, and hands resting on your knees.
  • Bend your knees so that your feet touch each other. Release your knees to the sides and open your hips. Bring the soles of your feet together and pull with your hands so that your heels are as close to your groin as possible, that is, keep your ankles tight and pull your legs toward your pelvis.
  • Focus on the breath and try to hold the pose for 30 seconds.
  • Then slowly lower down to the exercise mat and straighten your legs, arms along the body and stay fixed. This is a relaxing pose, so you don’t need to spend too much energy, just focus on your breathing and lie down.
  • Hold the pose for 1 minute or more. Then, slowly raise your body back to the starting position.

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