3 yoga poses to help increase hearing quickly and effectively

Hearing is one of the six most important senses for us. Although it is a necessary sense, not everyone will be able to guarantee that it will not have any problems. Currently, hearing diseases occur in both young people, not only the elderly, or middle-aged people. There are many objective causes leading to hearing loss in young people. That’s why many people have turned to yoga as a way to improve their hearing. So why can yoga bring such positive effects? Let’s learn about the benefits and yoga poses to help improve hearing with easyhealthylive.com.

In terms of age, hearing loss is a common occurrence for middle-aged and elderly people. However, for the case of hearing loss for young people, it is due to the impact of daily living habits such as listening to loud music, wearing headphones often, noise pollution…

As you age, the tiny hair cells in the inner ear begin to break down and can no longer receive certain vibrations as before. Plus, too much noise can damage the hair cells inside the ear, leading to early hearing loss. Let’s find out the yoga exercises that help improve hearing effectively!

Positive effects of yoga on people with hearing loss

Increased blood flow to the ear

Ears like other organs and cells in the body always need an incoming blood flow to maintain and stabilize. This process is necessary for the hair cells to receive enough oxygen and other nutrients.

When stressed, the overproduction of adrenaline causes blood flow to the ears to be reduced, affecting hearing. When blood flow is reduced or cut off, ear cells can be damaged.

Muscle tissue relaxes

With yoga exercises, regular practice helps the whole body to relax and exercise, helping to release blood circulation to the ear area. Actively increase the amount of blood and oxygen to nourish the cells in the ear area.

Good hormones

Yoga not only helps blood circulation and muscles relax. Yoga has also been shown to help people with low levels of GABA – gamma-aminobutyric acid.

This is a brain neurotransmitter. Through clinical trials, people with less GABA have a higher risk of tinnitus, anxiety, stress, and depression.

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Yoga poses that help increase hearing effectively

1. Meditation posture

Meditation is a simple way to improve hearing. This yoga exercise helps to regulate blood circulation to the ears, thereby improving hearing effectively.

Yoga helps to increase hearing


  • Sit cross-legged or cross-legged on an exercise mat
  • Note to maintain the posture so that the neck and back are aligned and the hands are relaxed on the knees
  • Begin to breathe deeply and feel the breath clearly. Meditate for 4-5 minutes.

2. Pose of growing a banana tree

People who practice the banana tree pose regularly tend to slow down their breathing and heart rate. Turning the body upside down helps to breathe deeply, providing more oxygen to the brain.

When the brain is healthy, the body’s functions are regulated and more active. Nerve disorders, eyes, ears, nose and throat are improved.

banana planting pose


  • Prepare this move in baby pose, sitting with legs stretched out on an exercise mat. Then bend your legs back and sit on the exercise mat. Bring your arms toward the floor, below your shoulders.
  • Slowly move, place your palms face down on the floor and intertwine.
  • Simultaneously place the top of your head on the floor, with the back of your head resting on your clasped hands.
  • Carefully lift your feet off the floor, bending your knees, toward your chest. Then slowly straighten your knees and legs toward the ceiling. Notice how the weight of the body is placed on the elbows. Make sure the elbow does not move.
  • Maintain the posture, straight back because the whole body weight is on the top of the head and hands.
  • Hold the pose for 5 seconds, then gradually increase to 5 minutes.

3. Baby Pose

Baby pose is a yoga pose that helps increase hearing, which will minimize tinnitus symptoms for practitioners. The main purpose of these yoga exercises is to increase blood circulation in the ears and brain, increase blood circulation to help improve nerve function, remove waste and toxins.

child pose


  • Start by sitting up straight, straighten your legs on the exercise mat. Then slowly bring your legs together and sit on your heels. Adjust the position for maximum comfort.
  • Slowly lean forward and bend down.
  • Slowly widen your hips and relax between your thighs.
  • Extend your arms straight over your head, in line with your knees. Relax your shoulders on the floor.
  • This pose doesn’t require too much energy or technique. You just need to relax your body and relax.
  • Maintain the pose for 1-3 minutes, focusing on the breath.
  • To end the pose, relax, breathe evenly, and slowly lift yourself up.
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