3 reasons why 0 calorie drinks are not good for people who want to lose weight

According to the advertising of carbonated drink brands, zero-calorie drinks will help users reduce calories and sugar when loaded into the body, supporting weight loss and keeping fit. Is this true to what they advertise?

Most users think that using 0 calorie drinks will not affect their weight because it does not increase calorie intake. Therefore, many people abuse this drink to satisfy their sweet cravings. But according to a study, these drinks actually do not help with weight loss, worse, it also makes us gain weight quickly. The reason for this will surprise everyone.

1. Health effects

Products labeled 0 calorie often contain some amount of artificial sweetener (aspartame). Drinking large amounts of drinks containing this compound can increase the risk of dangerous diseases such as cancer, heart disease and kidney problems. According to a survey of scientists, rats that consume large amounts of sweeteners have a 69% increased risk of cancer compared to mice with no or little tolerance of this compound.

However, these studies also have some limitations. Users should still consider the level and dosage of 0 calorie carbonated drinks. Do not use these drinks too much to protect health.

0 calorie drink

2. Create cravings

The researchers think that the cells in the stomach are quite sensitive to pressure in response to the carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks. The stomach will be stimulated and produce more ghrelin hormone (the hormone that makes you feel hungry).

Above all, zero sugar carbonated water has long been viewed as a safe bet when it comes to breaking the normal soft drink habit. In 2017, a human study pointed to a couple of notable problems. During the study, the group of students who drank all kinds of carbonated water had higher ghrelin levels than the group of students who drank filtered water and mineral water. Although this study did not assess the participants’ food intake or weight change after drinking different types of beverages, ghrelin levels increased significantly after consuming carbonated beverages. This makes it possible for researchers to believe that zero-calorie drinks may induce more hunger, leading to increased food consumption and weight gain.

Therefore, overusing zero-calorie drinks and replacing them as a way of drinking water daily does not help us lose weight, but sometimes even causes weight gain.

3. Easy to gain weight

Dietary sugar in soft drinks for weight loss often increases sweet cravings. This happens because the two hormones ghrelin and leptin are stimulated to be more active by the sweeteners. In another test on rodents, at least one sweetener was found to damage the part of the brain that tells them when to stop eating.

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Scientists have also discovered a tendency to gain weight in people who often drink soft drinks containing artificial sugar. In addition, the association between weight loss and zero-calorie drinks is known as a “two-way effect”. This means that people at risk of obesity are more likely to prefer this drink because they think it can replace their preference for regular soda. But that is what causes them to gain more weight.

So, when you hear information about someone gaining weight when using 0 calorie carbonated water, it is the psychological effect of cravings that make them eat more. A large amount of calories are loaded into the body and the exercise is not enough to burn the necessary calories.

What kind of drink would be the best choice?

Of course the answer would be plain water and mineral water. Unsweetened tea or fruit juices are also suitable alternatives. However, you need to understand that an occasional can of soft drink or zero-calorie carbonated drink is not dangerous. It depends on your choice and how much you consume.

Normal water is the optimal choice for weight loss

Because each person’s nutritional needs and goals are different, choosing an appropriate diet is essential. Overusing any of the food groups to support weight loss or exercise can also cause unwanted effects.

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