3 folk tips to treat children with speech delay are simple but very effective

Old grandparents often used folk tips to treat children with speech delay because they thought it was both simple and effective. However, in reality, these tips do not bring absolute results, especially if the child has a speech delay due to autism or mental retardation. However, “if you have a disease, you should go to the four corners”, so the family can completely implement it if they think these measures are safe and do not pose any danger to their children.

3 Folk tips to treat children with speech delay are commonly applied

Children with speech delay can be related to many causes, such as a child’s lack of communication and interaction with family right from birth; Children often have to play alone with their mobile phones or it may be due to problems with their hearing and palate. Autism, mental retardation is also the cause of many children’s limitations in language, speech, communication or behavior.

Folk tips to treat children who are slow to speak
Using folk tips to cure children with speech delay is applied by many people because it is both simple and safe

In folklore, there are always a lot of extremely simple healing tips that anyone can do, including tips for children with speech delay. Many elderly people think that it is normal for children to speak slowly, so instead of sending their children to a doctor and getting treatment, they choose to use this trick.

So what are folk tips to treat children with speech delay and how are they applied?

Tips for “stealing words”

Folk tips for treating children who are slow to speak can be heard by many people when they see that their children are still not fluent. The method is very simple, parents or relatives just need to take the child to a market or a certain store, when the owner is there preparing to eat, quickly snatch their food and give it to the baby to eat. No matter how scolded by that person, do not argue back and do not say why.

In order for this folk trick to treat children with speech delay effectively, it is necessary to pay attention to 3 characteristics including the person who was robbed of food must be a talkative person, quick to speak, expensive business, and easygoing; Do not let the person know the plan in advance and no matter how much the opponent scolds, the reason cannot be disclosed.

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Robbing other people’s food while it is being brought to the mouth is said to be “robbery” and helps the baby talk as much as the object “robbed”. However, this method can backfire if it is a hot-tempered and irritable person, which can sometimes be dangerous for parents and babies. Therefore, pay attention to avoid doing it early in the morning, avoid fastidious people and avoid times when it is crowded.

Folk tips to treat children who are slow to speak with snakehead fish

Curing speech delay for children with snakehead fish is also one of the folk tips applied by many people. How to do it is equally simple, just buy a live snakehead fish home, then hold the fish so that the tail can knock on the baby’s leg. Parents need to knock 7 times on the child’s knee (if it’s a girl) and 9 times (if it’s a boy) for it to be effective.

Folk tips to treat children who are slow to speak
Typing snakehead fish helps children learn to walk and talk quickly

With this folk trick to treat children with speech delay, it should be noted that using raw fish and typing the correct amount continuously. Parents should use a towel to hold their children, to avoid slipping and falling fish will not be as effective. Pay attention to gently tap to not hurt the baby and quickly clean the baby’s feet after doing it.

The fish then the family can use to cook porridge for the baby to eat is also very nutritious, good for the body and brain. Should persist in doing 2-3 times / week to see effective in improving speech, language or communication ability for children.

Cure speech delay with red beans

Folk tips to treat children with speech delay with red beans were also widely applied by the ancients because these are all available ingredients, so they are easy to implement and safe for children. Just use a little red beans that have been cleaned, ground into a powder and then mixed with a little alcohol to form a paste and apply it under the child’s tongue. Persist in doing 1-2 times in a row for a while to see results.

Note that it is advisable to choose a quality wine with a light concentration and also only apply a very small amount of the mixture. Children who accidentally swallow this mixture may feel uncomfortable or poisoned, so it should be used as small as possible. Therefore, the use of folk tips to treat children with speech delay sometimes has some limitations.

Should folk tips be used to treat children with speech delay?

In fact, there has not been any scientific research to prove that these folk tips for treating children with speech delay are effective. On the other hand, there is no reason to apply these tips to children with speech delay. Moreover, the folk tips in the process of circulation can also have many “versions”, so it is not possible to be sure whether the above methods or ingredients are completely accurate or not.

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Folk tips to treat children who are slow to speak
Children with speech delay are encouraged to see a doctor instead of just using folk tips

Although there are still some people who say that they have applied these tips to children who are slow to speak and see their children begin to speak, begin to actively communicate and interact more, but still can not sum up the exact success rate. . Above all, if the speech delay is due to pathological causes such as deafness, adhesions on the tongue, autism or mental retardation, then professional treatment is mandatory.

The use of folk tips to treat children with speech delay has never been recommended by doctors or experts, even considered unscientific. Most of the people who apply this trick are the elderly, who want to find all ways to cure their children so that they can speak, no matter how it is, no matter how much money or even unscientific it is, they accept it. Children can develop normally.

However, it is necessary to understand that learning to speak, learn a language, learn to communicate is a long journey that needs to be cultivated every day. No one is born knowing how to speak and understand all the meanings of words, but only through daily communication and conversation with parents and loved ones. The fact that stealing words or letting snakehead fish hit the leg is even more impossible to suddenly help children speak and understand all the language.

Even so, grandparents still think that “if you have a disease, you should go to the four corners” and in fact these methods are almost not dangerous or harmful to the child, so if necessary, the family can still apply them normally. . But at the same time, it is necessary to combine with communication, conversation, and interaction with children to activate the need to speak and expand vocabulary for children.

According to experts, children with speech delay due to any reason should be examined and treated professionally as soon as possible to overcome in time. For special groups of children, they also need to participate in special education, individual therapy to strengthen language, improve communication ability and other skills deficits, thereby gradually adapting to life.

In general, folk tips to treat children with speech delay is still a controversial issue about whether it is really effective and should be applied or not. Families can still perform these methods, but the best way is still to take the child to the hospital for examination, find the exact cause and have the most timely remedy.

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