2 very miraculous yoga exercises to cure bad breath that few people know

Bad breath is a sensitive issue and can affect the confidence of many people when communicating in daily life, work… To relieve this anxiety, please come to easyhealthylive.com with easyhealthylive.com. The help of yoga exercises to cure bad breath effectively.

You can overcome this uncomfortable situation by cleaning your teeth regularly, not eating foods with strong odors. If you have done the above and still do not improve the strange smell, try practicing the yoga exercises to help treat bad breath below.

Causes of bad breath

In many cases, despite brushing and maintaining good oral hygiene, bad breath still occurs. So where can the cause of bad breath come from?

Halitosis is a consequence of heart valve disease, lung or liver disease, or it can also be the result of habits such as smoking, alcohol abuse, etc.

Researchers believe that people with dry mouth are more prone to bad breath. In addition, many tartar, white on the tongue … also causes bacteria to accumulate in the tongue. This is also the leading culprit causing bad breath in the mouth.

Medications: Some medications can indirectly cause bad breath because they make your mouth dry. Some other drugs, after being absorbed, the drug components can accompany the breath to create an unpleasant odor.

Bacterial infections in the oral cavity: Bad breath can be caused by wounds after surgery in the oral cavity, such as tooth extraction, or it can be the result of damaged teeth, periodontal disease or mouth sores.

Other nose, mouth, and throat problems: Halitosis sometimes comes from tonsil stones (stones formed in the tonsils, where bacteria live and create odors). Chronic bacterial or inflammatory infections of the nose, sinuses, or throat can also cause bad breath.

Other causes: Certain medical conditions, such as certain cancers and metabolic disorders, can cause bad breath. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) has been linked to bad breath.

To minimize this discomfort, clean oral hygiene, eliminating the habit of smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. are the top priorities. Besides these, you can also refer to simple yoga exercises to cure bad breath.

The link between yoga and curing bad breath?

Better saliva stimulation

Saliva smoothes food, making it easier to swallow, and washes away harmful bacteria and small food debris from the surface of your teeth and gums. More saliva equates to a lower risk of developing bacteria in your mouth.

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Bad breath is one of the first signs of reduced saliva production. The reason for this is that the bacteria that cause bad breath are not removed by saliva. Severe dry mouth can increase plaque buildup, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Halitosis makes you lose confidence in communication

Halitosis makes you lose confidence in communication

You can learn and practice different breathing techniques while practicing certain yoga poses. Forward bends, inversions and certain twists are movements you should regularly practice to increase saliva production.


Stress has become a part of our lifestyle today. From work, family or relationships, you can stress about these factors without even realizing it. This condition, if prolonged, not only affects your health but also adversely affects your dental problems.

Teeth grinding is a common symptom experienced by people under stress. This can lead to enamel wear, microcracking, gum recession, loose teeth, jaw muscle pain and many other dental problems.

Yoga exercises to cure bad breath effectively

1. Fire breath cleanses kapalbhati

This pose has the effect of cleaning the lungs, increasing oxygen to the cells, cleaning the blood, improving the digestive system, toning the abdominal muscles, effectively losing weight… Thanks to the cleaned digestive system and lungs, your breath You can also reduce unpleasant odors.

Fire breath cleanses kapalbhati


  • Sit comfortably, legs crossed and back straight. Both hands are relaxed on the knees or hands are pressed (thumb touches middle finger, other fingers are straight). Relax your face and body.
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose, your belly swells up, and then exhale forcefully by pulling your belly in (contracting your abdominal muscles to squeeze all the air out by exhaling through your nose). Air is pushed out of the lungs by the contraction of the diaphragm.
  • After exhaling forcefully, inhale again, this time without the effort of taking a deep breath, but letting the lungs open on their own to draw in air. Just relax.
  • You can practice for 15 breaths. After completing 15 deep inhalations and exhalations, begin to relax, take deep breaths and breathe deeply.

2. The yoga pose “cleansing the intestines” shankha prakshalan

This posture has the effect of “cleansing” the intestines and stomach, reducing the reflux of acids and gastric juices to the mouth, thereby avoiding unpleasant odors from the stomach to the oral cavity.

This position helps limit unpleasant odors from the stomach to the oral cavity


Before exercise, you should drink a glass of warm salt water (blended).

  • Stand up straight, feet 30cm apart. Hands raised straight up, fingers interlaced, palms up, back straight, breathing evenly.
  • Lean to the left and then to the right. Do this 4 times. This movement will help open the pyloric opening, each time you lean over to help water go down the duodenum and small intestine.
  • Return to the original position. The right hand is stretched horizontally, the left hand is bent so that the index finger and thumb touch the collarbone. Rotate your torso, swinging your stretched arms horizontally toward your back as much as you can. Eyes follow fingertips. Then perform the opposite movement for the left hand to stretch horizontally, the right hand to bend. Repeat 4 times on each side.
  • Lie in a cobra-like position, palms and toes touching the ground. Feet 30cm apart.
  • Rotate your head, shoulders, and torso until you see the opposite heel (if you turn to the right, see the left heel). Rotate to 2 sides, 4 times on each side.
  • Squat, legs 30cm apart, heels placed under the outside of the thighs, not under the buttocks. Hands on knees. Rotate your torso, bringing your left knee to the ground in front of the opposite leg. The palm of the hand pushes the right calf to the left and the left calf to the right.
  • Leaning back as much as possible, turning the head helps rotate the torso and increases intra-abdominal pressure. Initially, the left knee should be bent first to press on the right abdominal wall to help compress the ascending colon. Do this 4 times on each side.
  • Drink another glass of warm salt water and repeat the movements of squeezing water into the intestines as above.
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Besides regular visits to the doctor, you can also practice bad breath yoga exercises to improve this condition. If you persist in exercising regularly, you will see this uncomfortable condition being pushed back significantly!

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