2 calcium-rich dishes – medicine to increase height in adulthood

Hot summer, how to prepare dishes that are both frugal, easy to eat but also rich in nutrition. With ingredients shrimp, crab, fish, vegetables, eggs…

Don’t let the sweltering heat of summer ruin your appetite. Please eat enough nutrients, especially young and adult groups, because this period is in need of assurance nutrition to increase height and fitness.

Here are some calcium-rich foods, which are the most natural and very safe drugs to increase height in adulthood.

1. Field crab soup

This cool and nutritious dish is most popular in the North. Field crab soup is often cooked in the summer, which can help provide calcium for the body and easily bring rice.

Prepare materials:

– Crab shells peeled, washed, pounded or pureed. Then filter the water and discard the residue. You use a sieve to filter to get all the essence from the residue. Remember to add some salt to the filtered water.
– Spinach and jute vegetables, washed and finely chopped.
– Melon peeled, washed, cut into bevels.

2 calcium-rich dishes - medicine to increase height in adulthood
Crab soup eaten with salted eggplant is a Vietnamese folk dish

How to cook:

– Put a little shrimp paste into the pot of crab filtered water, put on the stove to boil. While cooking, stir occasionally with a spatula to prevent the crab bricks from sticking to the bottom of the pot.

When the water boils, add the vegetables and melon to the boil. Add more MSG and taste again to see if you need to adjust the taste.

2. Crispy fried perch

Prepare materials:

– Field perch, small perch, gutted, cleaned of slime and mud.

2 calcium-rich dishes - medicine to increase height in adulthood
Crispy fried perch


– After washing, let the water drain so that it doesn’t splash oil when frying.

– Put the oil in the pan, let the oil get hot, put the fish in and fry. Note that the oil is face down on the fish.

– At first, keep the fire low, then adjust the heat a little bit so that the fish is golden and crispy. Remember to quickly flip the fish so that the fish does not absorb oil and scorch.
– Put the fish on a plate. Mix lemon and chili sauce for dipping. Fried fish is crispy so you can eat the bones.

The perch is rich in calcium, when deep-fried, the bones can be eaten. This is the post menu pills to increase height in adulthood simple processing.

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