13 breathing exercises for young children that are both fun and simple

Breathing is an important part of yoga. In order for children to love breathing exercises, parents need to have certain tips.

Deep breathing, or belly breathing, can help promote respiratory health and reduce stress in children. However, despite the many benefits, because young children are inherently active, it is difficult for you to ask them to sit still and practice deep breathing.

If you are having a headache and don’t know how to practice deep breathing in your child, easyhealthylive.com will help you solve this worry through breathing exercises for young children that are both fun and simple.

13 fun breathing exercises for kids

The best way for children to enjoy breathing exercises is to turn seemingly dry, tasteless exercises into fun games. Here are 13 breathing exercises for young children that easyhealthylive.com has collected for you to refer to and apply today. Once they have mastered how to breathe, children can come up with new types of activities such as gym, boxing or children’s zumba without too much difficulty.

1. Blow up soap bubbles

This is a familiar game, associated with the childhood of most of us. However, few people know that this is also a very effective way to practice deep breathing. With this game, children will have to blow gently to create bubbles from the soap solution. This activity can help reduce stress and promote respiratory health.

However, when letting children play, you should avoid buying bubble blowing solutions outside because it is not good for the health of children. Instead, you can make your own at home using dishwashing liquid, glycerin, sugar, and corn syrup.

Blowing bubbles

Blowing soap bubbles is a very effective way to practice deep breathing

2. Move teddy bear on belly

This is also a very simple and fun breathing exercise for young children. You can ask your child to lie down, breathe in and out, but still keep his favorite teddy bear on his stomach so that it does not fall. When doing this exercise, you should prepare a medium-sized teddy bear for the child.

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3. Painting with a straw

Drawing with straws is a fun activity for young children of all ages. This method requires the child to take deep breaths. Of course, your baby will do this with gusto.

To do this exercise, parents need to prepare a few sheets of paper, a straw and some watercolors. Then, put a few drops of color on the paper and ask the child to blow with a straw to create a simple picture.

4. Blowjob party horn

The pary horn is a colorful trumpet made from glossy paper commonly found in birthday parties. When playing this game, ask your child to take a deep breath and blow the trumpet. This has the same benefits as blowing up a balloon.

Not only that, this method can also help control the muscles of the mouth, support speaking and eating. The party horn is often recommended for children who have difficulty eating or have drooling or speech delays. You can ask your child to blow the birthday trumpet several times a day to improve breathing.

5. Blowing tissue paper or ribbon

This is an activity that helps children practice deep breathing quite simply. Just hang a few ribbons or tissue paper on a hanger. Then ask the child to take a breath and blow the ribbons up. It sounds simple at first, but your baby will surely enjoy it.

6. Color Breathing

Color breathing is a form of meditation that can help reduce stress very well. You can ask your child to imagine a color he or she likes. Then feel the color entering the lungs while inhaling and leaving the body while exhaling.

7. Blowing bubbles

Blowing bubbles is a very good breathing exercise for the lungs without the need for strenuous exercise like aerobic exercises. Performing this method regularly can help improve lung function, respiratory muscle movement, and increase the amount of oxygen inhaled.

Parents should ask children to blow bubbles as hard as they can without getting tired or panting. If your child is suffering from respiratory diseases, you need to consult a doctor before applying this exercise.

Blowing bubbles 1

Blowing bubbles is a very good breathing exercise for the lungs

8. Breathe elephants

Elephant breathing exercises will help children become more flexible. Parents should ask the child to stand up straight, legs wide open, and then put his hands out in front of him like the trunks of elephants.

Then, you instruct the child to inhale through the nose, at the same time raise the hands above the head, exhale through the mouth. After that, you will lower your arms back to the original position. Repeat this breathing movement about three times to help your baby feel energized.

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9. Animal breath

This is a very interesting breathing exercise for young children. You can instruct your baby to breathe in through his nose with a deep breath and then out through his mouth, while making snake-like sounds. In addition, parents can guide children to transform into baby bunnies and learn to breathe like rabbits.

Parents, please start by instructing your child to inhale three times in a row quickly through the nose, then exhale a long breath out through the nose. This exercise will help your child calm down. Not only that, it also helps children get a smoother breath and less likely to have breathing problems.

10. Belly Breathing

Belly breathing helps children dispel boredom and get rid of stress. Parents should let the child lie on his back and put his hands on his stomach with his eyes closed. Then, instruct your child to relax and then inhale gently through the nose with the mouth closed, hold the breath for 5 seconds and then exhale slowly.

11. Breathe the bee

This is a very famous deep breathing exercise in yoga, also known as bhramari pranayama. Parents, ask the child to take a deep breath with his fingers in his ear and exhale, while making hmmmmmm or mmmmm, shhhhhh or zzzzz sounds. These sounds will help soothe the nervous system, and at the same time, help the child have a healthy respiratory system.

12. Learn to breathe with flowers

Flowers easily attract children’s attention thanks to their scent and color. Use this to teach your child breathing yoga exercises involving flowers. However, parents should only apply this method to their children when they are not allergic to pollen.

Parents should take a fragrant and brightly colored flower, then let the child inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Breathing with flowers will help relieve stress effectively. You can let your child try flowers like daisies, roses, and daffodils.

Breathe with flowers

Breathing with flowers will help relieve stress effectively

13. Breathe in Numbers

You can ask your child to inhale and exhale at specific numbers. The best way to do this exercise is to have your child sit cross-legged with their hands on their knees in a quiet space. Then, close your eyes and ask the child to count to 10, when counting to an odd number the child will inhale and an even number will exhale.

Benefits of deep breathing exercises for young children

Practicing breathing exercises for young children regularly can bring many benefits. Specifically, these exercises can help children:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Improve concentration, attention
  • Hypotension
  • Improve heart function
  • Improve the health of the respiratory system
  • Give children a feeling of happiness and relaxation.
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Tips for teaching children deep breathing exercises

To get your kids excited about yoga, you can try some of these tips:

  • Teach your child breathing exercises when he is comfortable and ready to learn something new
  • Take some time each day to teach deep breathing techniques. Choose a quiet environment to help your child concentrate better.
  • Explain to children about the benefits of breathing exercises in the simplest way.

Teach children breathing exercises

Teach your child breathing exercises when he is comfortable and ready to learn something new

Above are some breathing exercises for young children that are both simple and fun. If your child is willing to learn and absorb effectively, you can teach them other techniques in yoga. If you don’t have time or don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate to connect with easyhealthylive.com yoga teachers for support.

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