11 tips to improve height for teen

An ideal height is our teen’s dream, but not everyone is lucky enough to be genetically…

1. Don’t eat too much before going to bed

In addition to making us gain weight, eating too much right before bedtime also prevents the teen’s body from producing a special hormone capable of increasing height.

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2. Eat many small meals

People often say that the way to eat healthy is to eat 3 meals a day. But please apply smart eating to increase height.
Hey, instead of 3 meals, the same amount of food, we will divide it into 4-5 meals/day.

3. Choose food

If your teen wants to be “tall, taller” then don’t forget foods rich in calcium and vitamin D!
This revelation, about 2 hours before exercising, teen should replenish energy with a chicken sandwich, it is very beneficial to increase height!

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4. High intensity training

“If you want to be healthy, you must exercise” is true. And if teen wants to have the dream height, then in addition to regular practice, we should add exercises with high intensity.
Scientists prove that high-intensity exercise helps the body produce hormones that help increase height.

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5. Make friends with yoga

The benefits of yoga are really undisputed! In addition to helping us “relax”, yoga movements also stretch muscles and joints, supporting optimal height growth!

6. Get enough sleep

Do not be so absorbed in training that you forget to sleep, teen. Many studies have shown that deep sleep helps us to grow taller faster. Why? Because when you sleep, your body produces hormones increase the height but.

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7. Stay away from stress

For a healthy body and better training, learn how to relax to say no to stress.

8. Pay attention to sitting posture

Try to keep your back straight when studying or sitting in front of the computer. If we don’t practice this habit early, we will be very easy to bend the spine.

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9. Don’t skip breakfast and cut down on sitting in front of the TV screen.

10. Learn to dress smart

If you pay attention a little, you will see that the combination of clothes and shoes will make us look taller!

11. Hairstyles

Here’s a little but very useful rule of thumb: short hairstyles will make you look taller because they show off your elongated neck!

With 11 How to increase height? Above hope you will be more confident when walking down the street or when standing in front of a crowd.

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