10 Tips to Help You Overcome Pressure from Family

Overcoming pressure from family is not easy – especially when family members lack sharing and understanding. The 10 tips in the following article will partly help you find solutions to face and overcome pressure.

10 tips to help you overcome family pressure

Stress is an inevitable part of life. Pressure comes from many causes, but most of it is due to work requirements, financial and health problems. In addition, pressure can also originate from the family. In fact, family pressure does not only happen to parents but also to children.

Parents are often pressured by financial problems, the responsibility of caring for and educating their children. In addition, parents also have to worry about taking care of both sides of the family and worry about their own health and future. In some cases, adults can be pressured by conflicts with relatives, unfaithful partners, and disagreements in life.

Children are often pressured by family expectations, parents’ somewhat harsh and inflexible way of upbringing. In addition, the difference in life views between parents and children also unintentionally creates pressure for children to return home.

Pressure from family helps each member learn to tolerate stress and better control when facing pressures from life. On the positive side, these pressures help members strive to study, work and build good qualities. However, prolonged pressure can make the family atmosphere heavy and melancholy.

To overcome family pressure, you can refer to and apply the following 10 tips:

1. Share with your family the pressure you are facing

The first advice for you is to share with your family the pressures you are facing. With issues related to finances, care, parenting and responsibilities to both sides of the family, you should share it with your partner. In the case of children who have grown up, they can share with them to relieve their emotions. Furthermore, when you understand the pressures you face, your spouse and children will respond more appropriately.

Children should also openly share with their parents about the pressures they are facing such as family expectations, parental pressure and excessive control. In order for your parents to listen, you should talk with a stable spirit, speak in moderation and clearly express your thoughts and views.

Overcoming family pressure
When facing pressure from family, should share frankly with loved ones for understanding


Family has a spiritual significance in personal life both physically and spiritually. Therefore, you should be honest with your loved ones about the pressures you are facing. When you understand your pressures, those around you will adjust their words and behaviors to help you overcome the pressures and expectations of your family.

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However, there are quite a few parents who do not accept the fact that their children express their views and express their disagreement with the way of upbringing and expecting too much from their parents. They think this is a sign that the child is spoiled and needs to be controlled more closely. This is also the cause of the gap between parents and children.

2. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

Family pressure often occurs because members do not really understand each other. Because of the lack of understanding, instead of finding ways to harmonize, the members often blame each other and unintentionally create pressure on their loved ones. This condition is often seen in parent-child relationships.

Because they do not understand their children, parents often take pictures of their children’s words and behavior as spoiled and destructive. Parents also do not understand the real needs of their children, but only provide what they think their children need. Moreover, asking children to study continuously and expecting too much also unintentionally creates pressure on children.

However, each child’s ability is different, so sometimes children have slower learning ability and academic achievement is not as high as the family’s expectations. Instead of constantly setting goals and putting pressure on their children, parents need to recognize their children’s efforts. Learning results are very important, but more important is the spirit of learning, progress and effort.

If you put yourself in your child’s shoes, parents will help them overcome pressure from family. At the same time, this will also help parents reduce expectations and overcome self-imposed pressure. Putting yourself in the shoes of others will help family members understand and empathize, thereby resolving conflicts between parents and children thoroughly.

3. Assert yourself

If your family doesn’t listen and understand the pressures you’re facing, the only way to get through it is to assert yourself. In case you are a student – a student, try to study to demonstrate your ability. High academic achievement will make parents happy and also not constantly remind and blame for poor academic results.

Overcoming family pressure
Learning to assert yourself is a way to help you overcome pressure from family

If you are already working, you should try to work hard to create a stable income for yourself and provide additional support for your family. In fact, with your contributions, parents will give a certain recognition of your ability because what adults care about is the result instead of seeing the whole process.

Affirming yourself helps you overcome family pressure and be more confident in life. In addition, being competent means that you will face less financial problems in your family life. Financial stability is the foundation for building a happy marriage and family.

4. Think more positive

In fact, any family member faces pressure. So, instead of worrying too much about your own pressure, think about the pressures of family members, friends, and co-workers.

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Everyone will have their own problems, concerns and pressures. Sometimes the pressure you are facing is nothing compared to those in a more difficult situation. Learning how to think positively will help you know how to turn pressure into motivation instead of being moody and pessimistic about life.

Overcoming family pressure
Positive thinking will help you have more motivation to overcome pressure from family

Life is full of pressures, difficulties and challenges. The pressure from family is only a very small part, so you should learn to accept and overcome. Many studies have shown that people with positive thoughts are more motivated in life. On the contrary, people who are always pessimistic will find it difficult to succeed because they are afraid of challenges and do not dare to overcome pressure.

5. Share responsibilities with family members

Many people have the habit of holding on to everything because they are afraid that those around them will have to worry. However, the real meaning of family is sharing and loving often. Instead of doing everything alone, you should share the responsibility with everyone.

If your family is having financial problems, you should share so that all members learn how to save and spend wisely. The members who have gone to work will put more effort in their work to increase their income and improve their lives. Shared responsibilities will help you reduce pressure and feel more comfortable in life. Moreover, sharing responsibilities will increase the bond between members, and at the same time educate children to share and progress.

6. Take care of your own health

Family pressure is inevitable – especially when you’re married. To be able to overcome the pressure, you should learn to take care of your health. Health is closely related to spirituality. When your body is healthy, you will be motivated to study, work and overcome pressure easily.

On the contrary, poor health causes you to have a lot of trouble at work, reducing your ability to concentrate and absorb. Moreover, the debilitating condition also makes the mood low, leading to prolonged sadness, pessimism, negative thoughts, etc. Taking care of one’s own health is a skill that all members must equip. . This both helps you overcome your own pressure and helps reduce the risk of illness, thereby reducing the burden on other members.

Overcoming family pressure
No matter how much pressure you face, you need to take care of your physical and mental health

Let’s start by eating and living in moderation, changing unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol, staying up late, smoking, being inactive, etc. In addition, you should also take care of your mental health. with some simple measures like getting enough sleep, setting goals in life, appreciating the present moment, maintaining good relationships, and helping those around you.

7. Meet friends to share the pressure from family

Many parents raise their children too harshly and never listen to their children. In this case, children and parents rarely find common ground. Even parents never accept a different view of life or any other thought.

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At this time, children will have to face pressure and always feel that family life is too cramped and melancholy. To release emotions and overcome pressure from family, you should meet up with friends. When you share your hidden thoughts, you will feel more comforted and at ease.

In addition, advice from close friends will also help you find solutions to resolve conflicts in the family and learn to overcome pressure. In life, friends are as important as family members. Therefore, build relationships with good friends to have spiritual support in the face of difficulties and pressure.

8. Ignoring “invisible” pressure from family

In many cases, you cannot overcome pressure from your family, especially when your parents always impose and expect too much on you. If you have tried to explain and express your point of view but do not receive sympathy from your family, you should ignore the invisible pressure.

It’s really not easy to let go of the pressures created by loved ones. However, this is the only way you can focus on your life and not have to think too much. Moreover, when you know how to ignore the things you don’t expect, you will learn how to let go of the unpleasant things to focus on the better.

Parents always want their children to be successful and have a full life. However, sometimes what parents want is not what their children expect. So if you can’t change your family, learn to ignore invisible pressures to focus on yourself. When you can be independent and generate a stable income, you can affirm to your parents that you are fully capable and can make important decisions on your own.

9. Learn stress-relieving skills

Pressure from family is one of the stressors. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with stress-relieving skills to stabilize your mind. These skills will also help you manage stress from the pressures of life.

Overcoming family pressure
Need to equip yourself with stress relief skills to learn how to balance pressure from family and life

Stress relief skills should be applied to overcome pressure from family:

  • Meditate
  • Exercise (yoga, walking, cycling, swimming, …)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Use herbal tea
  • Massage
  • Declaim food
  • Read a book

10. Psychological consultation

The pressure from family is sometimes so great that you cannot overcome it by yourself or share it with anyone. If necessary, consult a specialist for psychological counseling. In recent years, the percentage of people suffering from psychological problems has increased significantly. That is why timely consultation is essential.

Counseling helps you release pent-up emotions and learn to balance your emotions. In addition, the expert will also help you objectively assess the pressure from your family, thereby finding a suitable solution.

Here are 10 tips to help you overcome pressure from family. Depending on the situation, you should consider what advice is appropriate to be able to cope with and overcome pressure. If necessary, seek the help of a psychologist to help you through this difficult period.

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