10 signs that it’s time for you to practice advanced yoga

After a period of practice, you have mastered the basic yoga movements. Is it time to ask yourself if you are ready to try a more advanced yoga practice?

You have been studying yoga for a few months and you feel that this yoga class is nothing new because most of the movements taught in the class you have already mastered. You are curious and want to try signing up for advanced yoga classes but are still wondering if you are ready or not. For the answer, you can ask your yoga teacher to evaluate the results of your practice. Then, if in doubt, consider the 10 criteria below of easyhealthylive.com.

10 Signs You’re Ready for Advanced Yoga

If you find yourself meeting the following criteria, you might consider switching to advanced yoga:

1. You feel better than when you first started doing yoga

You can continuously practice 10 movements in the vinyasa yoga sequence in one go without feeling tired or uncomfortable. During the practice, you always remind yourself to pay attention to your breathing and the performance of the movements is not too difficult or strenuous.

2. You have mastered most of the basic yoga moves

You already know the names of most of the common poses and every time you’re asked to do them, you don’t have to look around the room to see how everyone else is doing. In addition, when you listen to the teacher’s instructions, you can also follow them easily.

You have mastered most of the basic yoga moves

You already know and master most of the common poses

3. Sanskrit words no longer scare you

You understand that Sanskrit is just another language and that the human brain is capable of holding more information than it ever thought possible.

4. Routing problems are not so strange anymore

Alignment issues in yoga poses no longer make you “roll your eyes” in surprise and confusion when performing. You can easily memorize and draw experience to practice other yoga exercises.

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5. You practice yoga even in daily activities

You start to see that yoga is not just about performing poses, but there are many other aspects to be learned from the practice. Not only that, you can also apply what you have learned from yoga into your daily activities.

You practice yoga even in daily activities

Confidently apply what you have learned from yoga into daily activities

6. You feel confident in yourself

You no longer blindly follow the teacher like before. Instead, you will listen selectively as you perform the poses, and you will also listen to your own feelings. If you find yourself in need of child pose in class, you will do it right away without waiting for the teacher to ask.

7. You become more flexible

This is not just about physical problems. You will feel more comfortable, more flexible and discover more potential of your body when you exercise. Even when you hear the teacher say that you will try some new and difficult movements, you feel extremely excited.

8. You are braver

You are no longer afraid to do inversions, hand balances, meditation or breathing exercises.

You are braver

No longer feel anxious when having to perform difficult movements

9. You are extremely curious about new movements that are not taught in class

You start asking more questions after the class. At home, you will collect more books, DVDs, and magazines about yoga.

10. You still feel that basic yoga class is extremely important

Even if you’ve mastered the poses, you’ll still find basic yoga classes extremely helpful, and you can still learn something new if you keep practicing. Such as a new perspective, an alignment suggestion, a new posture, a creative transition, or a meditation technique. You realize that learning will never stop.

Some notes when practicing advanced yoga

Before starting to practice advanced yoga, remember some of the following notes of easyhealthylive.com for the most effective practice:

  • Need to focus on breathing when practicing advanced yoga because otherwise the body will fall into a state of stiffness and you will not be able to keep a steady state in balance movements.
  • Don’t force yourself to overdo it, instead, put care and precision first.
  • Do not eat too much before doing advanced yoga as this will lose flexibility and make it difficult to practice.
  • Warm up well before advanced yoga to lubricate joints and help stretch tendons.
  • Practice advanced yoga with a professional yoga teacher for detailed instructions on each pose and avoid injury.
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Note when practicing advanced yoga

Practice advanced yoga with a professional yoga teacher to limit injuries

In fact, in addition to the above signs, there will be many other things that indicate that you are ready to practice advanced yoga. However, you don’t have to do advanced yoga if you don’t want to. There is nothing wrong with joining a basic yoga class forever because you can still learn new things from the basic movements.

And if you really want to practice advanced yoga to experience new exercises, give it a try. You will probably be surprised at your own progress.

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