10 healthy evening yoga exercises

Practicing yoga exercises in the evening is a way to dispel fatigue, relax the whole body, circulate blood so that you have a deep sleep, a clear mind and always feel healthy.

You can practice yoga at any time of the day. However, if you choose the right time, you will get more benefits. Practicing yoga exercises for the evening is what is often recommended by experts to improve sleep quality and promote health. Let’s continue with easyhealthylive.com to see the sharing below to know more evening yoga exercises to help relax the body, reduce stress and sleep better.

1. Downward-facing dog pose

Practicing the downward facing dog pose in the evening will help stretch the body, thereby helping to dispel the feeling of fatigue after a long day of sitting at the office or sitting on the couch moving around.

Downward-facing dog pose


  • Start in a crawling position, knees hip-width apart. Hands shoulder width apart, fingers spread wide.
  • Using arm strength, slowly push yourself up, legs straight
  • Move your hands forward and your feet back to stretch your body. Squeeze your thighs while moving
  • Hold this pose for 5 breaths and return to the starting position.

2. Triangle Pose

The triangle pose works to tone the arms, thighs, improve the abdomen, increase the flexibility of the spine and help you feel more relaxed and gentle.

Triangle Pose


  • Stand straight, legs apart to form a 45-degree angle.
  • Turn your left foot 45 degrees, then your right foot 90 degrees, so that your right heel is in line with the center of your left foot.
  • Inhale, raise your hands at shoulder height, palms facing down. Relax your right hand and shoulder
  • Exhale, place your right palm on the floor, outside of your right foot. If you can’t reach the floor, you can put it on your feet.
  • Extend your left hand toward the ceiling, palm facing up. Keep the left shoulder back. Eyes follow the left finger.
  • Hold the pose for 5 breaths
  • Inhale, return to an upright position. Switch sides and repeat the steps above.

3. Wide-legged bend

The effect of the wide leg bend is to help strengthen and stretch the back of the back, legs, and spine. In addition, this pose also tones the abdominal muscles, relieves back pain, helps you calm down, and enhances breathing.

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Wide-legged bend


  • Stand up straight, place your hands on your thighs. Separate your feet twice as wide as your shoulders so that your feet are in line and parallel to each other, toes pointed straight ahead.
  • Inhale, and at the same time bend forward from your thighs, keeping your heels on the floor and your back straight.
  • Place your hands on the floor about shoulder width apart. 2 arms straight, fingers spread wide, pointing straight ahead, the top of the head towards the floor.
  • Bend your elbows and bring them toward the space between your thighs.
  • Head and neck dropped to the floor, feeling the spine stretching.
  • Hold the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

4. Squatting posture

Squatting is very good for the lower back, helps open the hips and hips, stimulates metabolism, stimulates the digestive system and tones the abdominal muscles.


  • Sit down, feet next to each other, heels touching the floor
  • Expand your thighs gradually
  • Exhale and gradually bring your body forward between your thighs
  • Hands clasped, elbows on thighs
  • Hold the pose for 15-30 seconds. Then inhale and relax.

5. Twisted Variations

This pose has the effect of releasing energy from deep inside the body, helping to relieve back pain, improve digestion.

Twisted variation pose


  • Sit up straight, legs outstretched, feet side by side, back straight
  • Bend your left leg so that your left heel is next to your right hip.
  • Place right foot on left thigh
  • Turn your waist, neck, and shoulders to the right and look over your right shoulder. Keep your spine straight
  • Place your right hand behind your back, and your left hand on your right knee
  • Hold the pose for about 30-60 seconds, breathe evenly, slowly but deeply
  • Exhale and release your left hand, then rotate your waist, chest, and neck back to the center position. Relax
  • Repeat with the opposite side.

6. Pigeon Pose

The pigeon pose has an impact on the entire internal organs, stimulates digestion, relieves back pain, relieves stress and anxiety. For those who are new to yoga, this pose can be difficult to do, but once you get used to it, you will find this pose helps to reduce back pain significantly.Evening yoga pigeon pose


  • In Downward-Facing Dog, bring your right leg up into a one-legged downward facing dog.
  • Bend right knee and bring right foot forward
  • Place your right knee on the floor near your right hand. The right shin can point towards the left hip or parallel to the front edge of the mat.
  • Drop your left knee onto the mat so that your left foot is flat on the mat. Look behind you to check that your left foot is straight.
  • Align the hips perpendicular to the front edge of the mat.
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7. Sphinx Pose

Sphinx pose helps relax the back spine, so it is very good for office workers who have to sit for long periods of time. In addition, this pose also helps reduce stress, fatigue, improve lung and heart function.

Sphinx Pose


  • Lie down on the mat with your elbows under your shoulders, pressing your palms and forearms into the floor.
  • Squeeze your back, glutes, and thighs, and lift your torso and head up.
  • Keep your eyes straight, straighten your spine.
  • Hold this position for 2 minutes.

8. Happy Baby Pose

The happy baby pose awakens the inner mind, putting you in a light and clear state. This yoga pose is the golden secret to help relieve stress, put aside the worries and worries of the day to have moments of relaxation to feel a peaceful life.

Happy baby pose


  • Lie on your back on a yoga mat. Legs and arms straighten, relax the body.
  • Inhale and exhale slowly. Then slowly bend your knees and bring them towards your chest.
  • Place your hands on the outside edges of your feet, and at the same time pull your heels up toward the ceiling.
  • Open your knees wider, then lift them toward your shoulders.
  • Keep ankles in line with knees, shins perpendicular to the floor.
  • Gently press your shoulders and back to the floor
  • Hold the pose for 45 seconds to 1 minute. Slowly lower your legs and relax your body.

9. Fixed-angle posture lying on the back

This is a pose that helps you relax deeply, helps the body recover, and also helps open the hips.

Supine fixed angle position


  • Lie on your back, slowly bend your knees, bringing your feet together to form a fixed angle on the floor. Try to bring your heels closer to your groin.
  • 2 palms placed near your hips and pressed to the floor
  • Exhale, squeeze your lower abs, feel the stretch in your lower back and stabilize your spine.
  • Exhale gently and inhale, extending the knees, feeling the stretch in the inner thighs.
  • Relax the entire spine, shoulders, neck
  • Hold the pose for about 1 minute, breathing deeply and slowly.

10. Corpse Pose

This is a pose that looks easy, but is actually one of the most difficult poses in yoga in terms of training the mind. This pose is performed after each evening yoga session to deeply heal and completely relax the body.

Evening yoga practice


  • Lie flat on the floor, without using pillows or cushions
  • Close eyes
  • Place your feet a distance apart, toes relaxed
  • Arms are placed along the body, palms open up
  • Move your attention to all parts of your body, starting from your toes upwards, all the way to the top of your head.
  • Breathe slowly, deeply for about 5 minutes.
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Above are the evening yoga exercises that are good for health and help you sleep better. In addition to these exercises, yoga has many other interesting and challenging movements. For good practice, do not hesitate to invite a private yoga teacher through easyhealthylive.com.

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