10 great psychological tricks to help you attract your partner

Knowing the psychological tricks of attracting the other is a strength in communication and social interaction. This helps you to have many new relationships, which help both at work and in other aspects of life. It is no exaggeration to say that good communication is an important part of the road to success.

psychological tricks to attract the opponent
Knowing the psychological tricks to help attract the other is a strength when communicating

Top 10 psychological tricks to attract the best

We all want to be liked and admired by others. Attracting the other person will help open up opportunities to connect as well as create new relationships. However, not everyone knows the psychological tricks to effectively attract the opponent.

To do this, you need to know how to use body language, cultivate attractive personality traits, spread positive energy, say subtle things, etc. Hopefully the following guidelines will help. You make a good impression and attract the other person right from the first meeting:

1. Use body language

Knowing how to use body language is an advantage in communication and social interaction. Because communication problems are not only encapsulated in words but also expressed through your appearance, gestures and demeanor.

Before meeting someone, make sure you are neatly and politely prepared. Choose clothes and colors that compliment your figure. However, don’t be too flashy, revealing or inappropriate.

In addition, you need to know how to make eye contact with the other person. This helps show that you’re looking to connect and is very approachable. Always keep your eyes on the other person, especially when they are talking. However, you need to clearly distinguish between eye contact and staring someone.

One more small note is that you need to pay attention to your posture. Maintain an upright but relaxed posture and exude confidence. You can slightly raise your head and put your shoulders back, pay attention to walking gently and when sitting, sit up straight.

2. Trick to attract the enemy with a smile

A smile is like a beautiful flower on the mouth. It will brighten up the whole face and make the other person feel like you are a likable, approachable person. Many experts assess that, knowing how to use Duchenne smile is a very good trick to attract the other person in communication.

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attract the opponent with a smile
Smile is a powerful weapon to help you attract the other person when communicating

Duchenne smile has a great influence on human expression. It is an eye-catching smile that makes the corners of your eyes pucker with crow’s feet. The Duchenne smile is the truest expression of happiness and enjoyment.

In communication, Duchenne’s smile makes you more likable in the eyes of the other person. They will easily perceive you as positive, fun, attractive and trustworthy. This is also a way to help make a good impression right from the first meeting.

3. Don’t be afraid to give compliments to the other party

According to American speaker Gretchen Craft Rubin, whatever you say about others affects how they perceive you. For example, when you describe other people as being kind and likable, they will associate you with those qualities as well.

Therefore, to attract the other person when communicating, you should send them compliments. Let them know your honest feelings about them. It can be about humor, fun or lightness, courtesy.

Compliments are always easier to come to mind than criticism and rudeness. However, you should compliment the other party subtly. Because this shows that you are a sincere person, not fake or “shy”.

4. Know how to listen and fill the silence

Everyone wants that when they share a story, the other person will pay attention to listen. Listening not only shows respect, but also shows the other person that you are always available to be able to understand them.

When the other person is speaking, try to maintain eye contact, nod or make sounds that show you agree. However, knowing how to listen does not mean that you are silent during the conversation.

In fact, people are always more attracted and liked by people who aren’t afraid to fill in the gaps. Therefore, besides listening to the other party, you need to know how to share your story subtly and at the right time.

How to attract others?
If you want to make a good impression on others, you need to know how to listen first

If you need something to say, think about the good news. Present yourself as a person with a positive outlook. In addition, you can also have a few interesting or funny stories ready to share at any time. This is a great psychological trick to help you attract your partner.

5. Reflection tricks to attract the opponent

The trick of mirroring in communication refers to you subtly mimicking the other person’s behavior. When talking to someone, try mimicking their gestures, facial expressions, and body language.

A New York University study conducted in 1999 demonstrated the effect of the mirroring trick. Unconsciously mimicking a person’s behavior in conversation can make that person like you more.

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However, attention should be paid to performing reflective tricks to subtly attract the opponent. Because if you openly imitate the other person’s behavior, it will make them feel uncomfortable. They may feel that you are making fun of them.

6. Subtle body contact

Subtle physical contact refers to subconscious touch. It happens when you touch someone so subtly that they barely notice. Sometimes, a light touch from you to the other person’s back or arm can help warm them up.

Casually touching the other person is also said to be a psychological trick to create amazing attraction. You should remember, however, that this is only true for subtle touches. If you are not tactful, you can make the other person think that you are rude and somewhat unattractive.

7. Spread positive energy

Positive energy can be conveyed to others through your excitement and enthusiasm. Being an optimistic, cheerful and confident person can influence others for good.

Even with yourself, you will be more easily attracted to energetic people. You always want to get to know them to feel their attraction and discover where that energy comes from.

tricks to attract the opponent
Spreading positive energy can help you attract others, be liked and admired by them

Therefore, showing positive energy is said to be a very good psychological trick to help attract the opponent. To get an abundant source of energy, you need to pay attention to a few things:

  • Pay attention to sleep, make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep per day (night sleep should last at least 6 hours) and go to bed early before 23.00. Getting quality sleep will help you feel energized in the morning.
  • Drink water in the morning and absolutely do not skip breakfast.
  • Exposure to natural light outdoors for about 20-30 minutes. Many studies have proven, walking in nature for at least 20 minutes can help you increase your energy by 20% both physically and mentally.
  • You should not drink a lot of caffeine and energy drinks.

8. See the other person the way they want

Almost all people tend to seek the approval and validation of others for their own views and views of themselves. Experts call this phenomenon self-assertion theory.

Many studies have reinforced the belief that a relationship is smoother when both have similar views. Because now we will feel ourselves understood. And this is an important factor that leads to familiarity.

When the other person gives their own opinion or view of themselves, you should not refute. Agree and show that you are always listening to them. At the same time, no matter what they think of themselves, you are always ready to understand.

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9. Share a secret of yourself with your partner

Self-disclosure is also said to be a very good psychological trick to attract the other person. You should use this trick when you’re trying to get to know someone. Telling them little secrets about you can make them feel closer to you.

At the same time, when the other person has your private information, they are more likely to want to confide in you. However, after you reveal your interesting secrets to them, you need to know how to use open-ended questions to make it easier for the other person to open up.

How to attract the opponent?
Show your partner that you are a person who knows how to keep secrets

In addition, you also need to show the other person that you are a person who knows how to keep secrets. Because honesty and trustworthiness are always important foundations of a sustainable relationship.

10. Show confidence but don’t push yourself

When you are confident, not only will your body language become more elegant, but you will also improve your self-esteem, your ability to persuade and attract others. Show that you are valuable and have something to offer others.

Know how to proactively speak up when you have something to share and speak confidently. Your words need to show certainty. This also helps to spread positive energy to the opponent.

However, self-confidence is not the same as self-aggrandizement. You never intend to impose your views, beliefs and choices on the other person. Instead, it is necessary to flexibly adjust the behavior to suit the situation. You need to show that you are an open and approachable person so that the other person can easily get along with you.

The article has shared 10 psychological tricks to help attract the opponent in communication. Hopefully, these tips will help you in building new relationships and developing social interactions. These are all important factors to help you have a better life.

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