10 common mistakes when using antibacterial hand sanitizer

The return of the epidemic shows that habits such as keeping a distance of at least 2 meters, wearing masks, washing hands often with antibacterial hand sanitizer… are still valuable. Check to see if you’re washing your hands properly!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), washing hands alone reduces the chance of transmission of bacteria and viruses by 35%. Official Letter No. 490/BYT-MT dated February 6, 2020 of the Vietnamese Ministry of Health on recommendations to prevent COVID-19 disease at work also mentions “frequently washing hands with soap and clean water in at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizers (at least 60% alcohol).

Hand washing is such a basic act that many people often forget and ignore it. When the pandemic broke out, this healthy habit was “appreciated” again. But are you washing your hands properly? Before the pandemic, how many of us actually washed our hands properly and fully within 20 seconds?

We consulted experts and documented some of the most common mistakes when using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer – a product that comes in handy when you have to keep your hands clean every time you go out. , and soap is not available everywhere. We invite you to join easyhealthylive.com to learn 10 mistakes when using antibacterial hand sanitizer to promptly overcome, friends!

Mistake 1: Friend too believe in the use of antibacterial hand sanitizer

Do you believe too much in the use of hand sanitizer?

Antibacterial hand sanitizer is only a temporary solution, not a complete replacement for soap and clean water

Try to wash your hands for 20 seconds to eliminate bacteria, and wash them as often as possible, during this pandemic.

Stephen Loyd, Medical Director at Journey Pure, USA: “Using hand sanitizer instead of soap and water is impractical.” Dr. Husain, an Ear – Nose – Throat doctor in Chicago, USA, also recommends: “Hand sanitizer is not completely effective on visible stains”.

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Besides, Dr. Loyd said: “Nothing can clean your hands better than soap and water. So, only use (dry) hand sanitizer in case of force majeure, when you can’t find a hand wash nearby.”

Mistake 2: You are using the wrong hand sanitizer?

Dr Loyd added: “Another mistake is that hand sanitizer does not fully penetrate our hands. It can only cover the surface of the palm and back of the hand. It is important to let hand sanitizer spread to the areas between the fingers as well as under the nails so that the sanitizer is evenly distributed. Use hand sanitizer the same way you wash your hands with soap and water.”

hand wash gel

Washing your hands with a gel solution also needs the same steps and time as 20 seconds when you wash with soap!

Mistake 3: Are you abusing hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer kills not only the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria, which is irritating to the skin. Besides, as recommended by Dr. Loyd: “Hand sanitizer dries faster than soap and clean water, making the skin more prone to dryness if used excessively. We should moisturize immediately after using it, preferably hand cream.”

Mistake 4: You use hand sanitizer with concentration hooh inappropriate study

“Hand sanitizer should have an alcohol content of at least 60%,” says Dr. Husan. The higher the alcohol content of the hand sanitizer, the more effective it is to disinfect.

Mistake 5: You leave hand sanitizer near children

You need to store hand sanitizers, especially those with attractive aromas, out of reach of children, because young children can drink by mistake, leading to poisoning.

If you have children under 1 year old at home, you need to buy a hand sanitizer that is suitable for your baby’s immature skin. However, it is still limited to use, only in case of force majeure.

Baby wash hand sanitizer

Only let young children use hand sanitizer in case of force majeure

Mistake 6: You don’t leave hand sanitizer keep dried sure

One of the common mistakes we make is that we don’t rub hand sanitizer evenly on all surfaces on our hands. It is very important to keep rubbing the skin until the hand sanitizer is completely dry. Give them time to take effect.

Many people spray a small amount of hand sanitizer on their hands and immediately touch their face with their hands. Let the hand sanitizer have at least a minute to dry.

Mistake 7: Friend increase the risk of contamination

Public hand sanitizer dispensers are where a lot of people touch when their hands are dirty. In addition, bacteria also exist on the surface of doorknobs, cash or on the buttons of ATMs. Therefore, you should use a corner of your hand or fist, do not use your whole hand to touch any part of the hand sanitizer dispenser in public when you need to use it.

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Mistake 8: Do you make your own hand sanitizer? kill bacteria

homemade hand sanitizer

Homemade hand sanitizer can make you subjective that your hands have been disinfected, when in fact the product is not of good quality.

At the beginning of the epidemic season, due to the sudden increase in demand for hand sanitizer, the stores or supermarkets near your home may not provide enough hand sanitizer. Therefore, many people make their own hand sanitizer at home. Experts advise against this, as it is very easy to make mistakes in the preparation of the mixture, creating a solution that is not strong enough to kill bacteria.

Currently, antibacterial hand sanitizer is not a scarce product. Therefore, you do not need to process it yourself, but just choose the right reputable and environmentally friendly brand.

Mistake 9: You are not using enough hand sanitizer

With the fear of shortage of hand sanitizer, you tend to use less than usual to save. But this will not achieve the expected bactericidal effect.

Health experts say: “The most common mistake is not using the right dose and not applying it to both hands. So be sure to apply it evenly under your fingers, the back of your hand as well as the entire palm.

Mistake 10: You buy hand sanitizer products indiscriminately

Panic shopping is buying a certain product in large quantities due to the fear of shortages. Stockpiling too much hand sanitizer means you limit the opportunity for others to join hands to fight the virus. Please buy a sufficient amount of hand sanitizer for personal and family needs, friends! In addition, washing hands with clean water and soap is still the traditional but effective way.

everyone wash their hands

Always keep your hands clean, regardless of the pandemic or normal season

Tomorrow, when the epidemic season is over, perhaps the world will still get used to washing hands. This habit is good for individuals and the community, as long as we use the right and sufficient hand sanitizer, right?

8 steps to proper hand washing

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